Spanish Immersion Programs

At Personalized Spanish, we offer a wide range of programs, each tailored to fit your goals and preferred style of learning. Here’s a look at what we call our Regular Immersion Programs, Spanish language learning classes in mini-groups and private groups, each with a duration of 4-6 hours. Continue scrolling down to view some examples of our Special Programs.

Regular Programs

Standard Program in Mini Group 4 Hours

Study Spanish in a group of 1 – 3 students. Classes are personalized to meet the needs of the students in the group. Class groups may change week to week and are organized based on the student’s levels and personal needs.

(Given our intent to find the best group placement for our students, there may be weeks when a student who has signed up for group classes is placed in one-on-one classes at no additional charge. If this occurs, there is no guarantee as to whether the student will remain in private classes during future weeks.)

Semi Private Program 4 Hours

This is the perfect option for those who want to share their learning experience with another student who has the same Spanish level, the same interests (Professional concentration for example) and who wants an intensive program.

A semi private group creates a balanced learning environment by fostering confidence, student interaction, and an accelerated learning pace. If you select the semi private group and do not come with another person or Personalized Spanish cannot find a match for the semi-private class, we will conduct the class with only one student and will not deduct hours or charge you more. However, Personalized Spanish does reserve the right to incorporate a student into the semi private class at any given time.

Private Programs 4 Hour

While Personalized Spanish personalizes all of its programs to meet its students’ needs, there is no better way to guarantee 100% of the attention and complete personalization than by signing up for our Guaranteed Private program. Your class may meet in the morning or in the afternoon, but either way, you will have four hours one-on-one with your instructor.

Intensive Programs 6 Hours

This program consists of 4 hours mini group in the morning + 2 private classes in the afternoon. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how quickly 4 hours of class can pass by while having fun learning Spanish. Many students find it very useful to have an additional 2 hours of private classes each day. You can use them for:

  • Extra conversational time
  • Grammar review
  • Focus on job specific vocabulary and phrases
  • Going on instructor accompanied field trips ranging from the grocery store to visiting a business and having the opportunity to talk to a Costa Rican in your field

Intensive Program 6 Private Hours

This program adds 2 additional hours of private instruction to the Guaranteed Private program, giving you 6 hours all to yourself, every day, broken into 4 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.

Special Programs

Special programs are tailored toward specific industries and needs. Here are just some examples of such courses.

Spanish for Families

If you are planning to travel with your children, you are welcome to have them attend the school and learn Spanish at the same time. The program is especially tailored for families with children (under 12 years old) and teenagers (13-17 years old) whose parents are studying at Personalized Spanish.

The program includes:

  • Airport transfer
  • Spanish classes and special materials
  • Lodging with their parents in a host family (2 meals a day and laundry services)
  • Supervised recreational activities in Spanish
  • Cultural activities and weekend travel arrangements.
  • Discount for children under 12 year old!

Educational outings to places of interest such as The Children’s Museum, The San Jose Zoo, Bird Museum, Insect Museum, Butterfly Garden, Children’s Theatre, Visits to local schools, entertainment parks, participation in activities with Costa Rican children, INBIO Park (bio-diversity park), roller-skating, public libraries and more.

Customized Spanish for Groups

We can design a customized program to satisfy your group’s needs. Whether it be a group of high school students, a group of old friends having a reunion, or any other type of group. We will work with you to create a Maximum Costa Rican Experience.

This program will include: Spanish lessons, cultural activities and the opportunity to travel and/or participate of volunteer activities.

Survival Spanish

If you are traveling, on a business trip or for a medical treatment and you don’t have enough time to to study in a regular program, this is the right program for you! The one or two day Spanish Pronto will provide you with the handy linguistic and cultural tools to communicate in Spanish and get around during your stay in our country.

In our eight hour day we will review the basic and important Spanish structure and also learn about some cultural practices. During the afternoon we will go out of the school to put your knowledge into practice by going to the store, the supermarket, the restaurant and other places in the neighborhood.

You will learn:

  • Important Phrases: Greetings, personal information, how to ask for things, local Costa Rican expressions and more.
  • Daily Situations: Costa Rican idiosyncrasy (What is a tico and what does pura vida mean? Courtesies, and other import tips about the Costa Rican lifestyle.
  • Basic Tourist Information: Best places to visit in Costa Rica, addresses and directions, how to move around and” to tip or not tip?”

The program includes: classes, materials, snacks and a warm ambiance to learn Spanish with native speakers from Costa Rica. We highly recommend that you take the two day /one night option staying with one of our homestay families in order to get a total cultural experience. Beginners and intermediate students are welcome in the program; however you also have the option of participating in our other Spanish programs.


  • One day program $130
  • Two day/one night program (includes homestay with breakfast & dinner) $260
  • Our program is affordable, practical and fun!

Spanish for Professional Purposes

For any of the Spanish for Professional Purposes Programs students must register in: the intensive program (4 hours mini group + 2 hours private) or the 4 hour private program in order to ensure success in these specialties.

Healthcare Program

We see an increasing need in North America for physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers to communicate with Spanish speaking patients and medical colleagues. With this in mind, Personalized Spanish has designed a special program to meet this need in the healthcare profession.

The course is designed to provide healthcare practitioners with effective language skills so that they can communicate confidently with their patients and their caretakers. Emphasis will be on oral communications. The course starts with a week long classroom language instruction with specialized vocabulary for the profession. In the second week of class, the students may elect to conduct interviews with their Costa Rican peers and to visit local clinics and hospitals to experience first hand how the language is used in their profession. The school will be able to arrange such interviews and visits for the students. For this program, we recommend a minimum of 2 weeks. This program can also be done live on line.

Spanish for Business and Law

If you have little time available and want to maximize it, you may choose our special program for business and law. Before your arrival to Costa Rica, we will assess your needs and tailor a personalized program to meet them.

The program includes classes designed to concentrate on the language used by international workers, MBA students and managers. Visits to business institutions that are of interest to the class can also be arranged. For instance, students interested in the legal system may have an interview with a local lawyer or attend a court session with the teacher as part of the class. Such visits can also provide the students with excellent sources of local contacts in their profession. The materials used in this class can be readily applied in the work place. In addition to language acquisition, the students will also learn a great deal about the Costa Rican legal and economic systems. This program can also be done live online.

Spanish for Social Workers

Our Spanish for Social Workers is a well rounded linguistic and cultural immersion program that will prepare social workers to work in culturally diverse settings. Recent statistics have shown that it has become more and more common that Social Workers do not ethnically represent their constituents. This leaves the social worker vulnerable to miscommunication and ultimately the failure to effectively help.

Personalized Spanish offers a comprehensive Spanish program that not only includes grammar and conversation, but also vocabulary and terminology for social workers. Our program also stresses the importance of understanding the cultural differences between your native country and other Spanish Speaking countries. Personalized Spanish will increase your awareness of cultural differences and hopefully close the ever growing communication gap.

The program also offers the opportunity to meet Costa Rican professionals in your field, to visit private and public institutions, and to get an overview of the Latin American social service system. These three opportunities will compliment the classroom work and give the student the opportunity to see their studies in action. This program can also be done live online.

Spanish for Teachers

Teachers in General

Over the past few years, Personalized Spanish has received an increasing amount of students who are teachers that need Spanish for their classroom and to be able to communicate with parents. They are not Spanish teachers, but find Spanish vital for effective communication inside and outside of the classroom. This program aims to give the teacher the tools for conducting conversations with students and parents.

Recently Graduated Spanish Teachers

Have you recently graduated from the university with a degree in Spanish, but you feel like you still need some practice before entering the classroom? Our program for the recently graduated is perfect for those who need more review, practice, and confidence. Personalized Spanish has developed a program based on the needs of the individual student where you will polish all aspects of your second language skills. Our program also includes pedagogical elements in order to reinforce your approach to presenting the information to your future students.

Refresher Spanish Course for the Experienced Spanish Teacher

Personalized Spanish understands that even veteran Spanish teachers need a refresher course every once in a while. Our program aims to give the experienced Spanish teacher the opportunity to be immersed in the language and culture. The program is geared to the needs of the Spanish teacher – from grammatical and lexical revisions, to new methods, and cultural elements that can be easily incorporated into the classroom.

Special Programs with Our Partner Ann Becker

There is no group trip to Costa Rica more carefully crafted and authentic than Ann Becker’s Travel With Ann experiences. Participants from North America, Europe and around the world join Ann on group trips visiting areas in Costa Rica that even locals don’t know as well as she does. After dozens of trips over the past twelve years, Ann has relationships with guides, shop owners, artists, hoteliers and locals of all kinds in every valley and hillside in the country, and she brings her groups to parts of Costa Rica that most tourists never get to see. Her trips combine nature exploration, Spanish language learning, short-term home stays, relaxation, hiking, time with indigenous communities and, of course, adventure.

Trips generally begin with an optional, three-day pre-trip Spanish language immersion course at Personalized Spanish, for those who want to get the most out of their interactions with locals during the rest of the trip.

Travel is about building bridges between cultures and communities, and these trips are structured so that both participants and hosts have an in-depth and enriching experience. Even understanding a modest number of Spanish words and phrases enhances these authentic experiences.

We absolutely love working with Travel With Ann Experiential Adventures and look forward to every group Ann brings to the Central Valley and beyond.


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