Spanish for Expats and Residents

spanish for expats

Live locally? Come Learn Spanish With Us!

If you live here, you know that Costa Rica is one of the most inviting places to live in the world. But only when you speak the language can you feel truly at home. Sure, you can get by speaking English or your native language, but when you learn to speak like a Tico, you can open the doors to connections and contacts that can help you in your personal and professional relationships.

Custom Programs

At Personalized Spanish, we create programs specifically for expats in Costa Rica that go far beyond Spanish language lessons.

First, we understand that your needs are much more explicit than our visiting students, and we personalize our programs to meet your needs at your Spanish level. We offer schedule flexibility and a comfortable, beautiful location here in the Central Valley. Classes are either one on one (private), or small groups of up to three people of a similar Spanish level.

We Help You Understand Tico Culture

More importantly still, we act as your intercultural guide on your journey to becoming a true Costa Rican local. We help you to understand the culture, our local sayings, gestures, legends and stories.

We answer those questions that build up in your everyday life, and help shed light on the confusing customs that don’t make sense. You can role play communications with business associates, learn how to network the Costa Rican way, and learn little sayings that can endear you to the locals around you.

You will learn

  • How to talk like a Tico (Useful Spanish phrases and expressions)
  • How to understand non-verbal communication cues
  • How to navigate the bank, the supermarket, restaurants, meetings, family visits and more
  • Technical vocabulary according to your needs

Class Schedule

Personalized Spanish is open Monday to Friday from 8am- 5pm. Please contact the school for schedule availability. Ask how you can customize your schedule.

Alternative Classroom

If you are not based in the Central Valley or can’t commit to classes at the school, we offer classes online or in your home/office as well.


Special Pricing

Contact us to get special pricing for expats and residents!

Located in Tres Rios