About Us

Personalized Spanish is a boutique Spanish Language School that caters to people who are serious about learning Spanish. Recently, we have won several International Awards and were voted the Best Small Spanish School; however, the best measure of our success is hundreds of satisfied students who return to our school for further study or improvement of their Spanish language skills.

We are proud to have the highest percentage of returning students of all of the Spanish Language Schools in Costa Rica because student satisfaction is our primary goal.

Small Groups, Effective Learning

A personalized approach is paramount to our educational philosophy. Most of our students learn Spanish in private or semi-private classes. We also offer small group Spanish classes with no more than 3 students per Spanish teacher. Our personalized approach starts with advanced preparation of the Individual Learning Plan for each student, based on her or his current level of fluency, reason for learning the language and the student’s area of interest. Most importantly, we design an Individual Spanish Program for each student based on his or her Natural Learning Style.

Although there are hundreds of Spanish Language Schools in Costa Rica, many of which are very good, no other Spanish school prepares Individual Learning Plans for each student, and no other school teaches Spanish based on each student’s particular learning style. This is unique to Personalized Spanish, and though we invest more time and resources in preparing completely individualized programs, it pays off in the amazing success our students achieve in a relatively short time.

If you are serious about studying Spanish and want to see practical results, we guarantee you will receive the best value for your time and money. Natural Learning Style is the key to our student’s fast, easy, and effective learning of Spanish, and the ability to better future recall and fluency in the use of the Spanish language. At Personalized Spanish we use scientifically proven techniques and methods of teaching Spanish language based on this principle. No matter your particular learning style, we will design a special program and use teaching methods that work best for you.

Highly Trained Professors

All our teachers are University graduates who specialized in teaching Spanish as a second language. Every teacher is, trained to identify a student’s Natural Learning Style and to teach Spanish using methods most appropriate to that particular learning style.

Studying Spanish in Costa Rica has many unique advantages. Costa Rica – known as a jewel of Central America – is a popular tourist destination and it is famous for its open, friendly, highly educated people, stunning natural beauty, biodiversity, modern facilities, and high standard of living, but among Spanish Language professionals, it is acknowledged for its natives’ pure, un-accented, Castilian Spanish – a standard Spanish, which you can use with confidence in any Spanish speaking country.

Our Homestays

Homestay plays a particularly important role in the immersion method of learning Spanish. Students live with a Costa Rican family and share meals, conversations and everyday activities, learning to use Spanish language in a conversational setting. Our school is located in a safe, clean, beautiful upscale neighborhood and our students enjoy delicious meals and many personal comforts offered to them by the upper-middle class families, as compared to the typical homestay conditions offered by most other schools.

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