Personalized Spanish Books

Personalized Spanish Books

Our pedagogical toolbox also includes working with a set of personalized books
Since 2001, Personalized Spanish has helped a large number of professionals, students, and visitors mastering Spanish as a second language. Always with the need of the individual in mind, we offer programs and courses for residents as well as foreigners wanting a more immersive and intensive experience. In addition, Personalized Spanish has experience of and welcomes opportunities to develop and tailor programs for specific purposes, such as Spanish for business management, Survival Spanish for travelers, and Spanish for families with children. A key element in the school’s pedagogical philosophy is to engage students in the Latin American culture.


Personalized Spanish Libro I Costa Rica

With a particular focus on the cultural aspects of Costa Rica, this book is developed for students who are beginners to advanced beginners. The text focuses on writing, reading, and speaking, with the objective to promote and enhance the student’s communicative skills.

Personalized Spanish Libro II Latinoamérica

Focusing on the cultural aspects of Latin America, this text is designed for students from intermediate to advanced levels. In addition to enhancing the student’s communicative skills in writing, reading, and speaking, the text includes activities to facilitate and enrich cultural exchange and interaction.

Libro  de Recetas de nuestras Mamás Ticas

Drawing upon the cooking experience of our “mamás ticas” (Costa Rican mothers), Personalized Spanish has developed a program on the culinary arts of Costa Rica. All of our mámas ticas are passionate about the art of cooking as well as about sharing traditional Costan Rican recipes. Each student is encouraged to share their knowledge about the Costa Rican cuisine and elaborate on their recipe of choice.