What You Can Expect

Here's what you can expect:

  • A PERSONALIZED PROGRAM: Since our school is intimate, we have the opportunity to get to know each one of our students and to provide them with the tailored attention that each student deserves.
  • REAL SMALL CLASSES: Our students will be in classes with a maximum of three students per class, with most classes averaging only two students.
  • EXCELLENT RESULTS: We assess each student’s needs and interests in order to work diligently to improve Spanish skills from day one with us. Learning style and individual needs are honored through a well-rounded program that includes materials, cultural activities, presentations and field trips.
      What You Can Expect

    • COSTA RICAN CULTURAL IMMERSION: With the support or our 100% Costa Rican owned and staffed school, local Costa Rican homestay families provide students with authentic contemporary culture and the experience of family life first-hand.
    • CERTIFIED AND EXPERIENCED SPANISH TEACHERS: Our highly qualified teachers are all college graduates with years of experience teaching the Spanish language.
    • COMPLETE FLEXIBILITY: It is up to you how many hours per day you may elect to study or for how many days per week. If you miss a class because of travel, illness or some other interruption, we will make it up to you, so you can get all the classes and support you paid for.
    • WARM AND SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT: Our students feel encouraged to improve their language skills in a relaxed and welcoming setting.
    • BEST HOMESTAYS IN SAN JOSÉ: Our homestays are acknowledged for being the best in San José. Students get their own private room, never sharing with others unless they come as a group or family. Host families treat students as part of their own family.
    • HOMESTAYS WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE FROM SCHOOL: Our homestays, with very few exceptions, are located only a few minutes walking distance from the school.
    • A STRATEGIC LOCATION: The school is located in a safe and beautiful neighborhood conveniently located near cultural activities, commercial centers and medical facilities with great access to public transportation.
    • DETAILS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Students are picked up at the airport, get an orientation on Costa Rica, get free juice, coffee, tea and snacks throughout the school day, and can get their weekend travel arrangements done for free. Our staff makes sure that students feel at home with us and at ease with the nation.
    • WITH NO SURPRISES: There will be no surprises (of the kind you don’t want) such as hidden fees, text book fees, agency commissions for arranging travel, homestay “upgrades,” or other extras which are common with many learning programs.