Here are some of our former student’s comments about their experience:

  • We are full time missionaries in Costa Rica

    We attended a recommended school for our first 4 months of study. While we learned a lot about Spanish we did not believe our ability to speak Spanish was improving. We switched to Personalized Spanish 4 months ago and are delighted with our progress in Spanish. The learning atmosphere is great. We have had the opportunity to meet many students who have done 1 and 2 week programs and some month long programs. The length does not matter, it is the approach and atmosphere that lends to rapid and confident handling of Spanish. The entire staff does all they can to help. No matter the length you spend at Personalized Spanish you become family.

    Marty & Carolyn
    Missionaries Costa Rican residents, USA, 016
  • Amazing Family and Great Time

    I would recommend this school because the classes are small and everyone in the group had a similar level. Classes were fun with lots of different activities and the school has a relaxed, family feel. The staff were helpful organizing weekend activities or assisting with run of the will queries during my staff. The host family was amazing and I had a great time here. Gracias!

    Cathy Brooks
    Elementary school teacher, UK, 2016
  • Studying at Personalized Spanish has been my best decisions ever!

    I choose individualized Spanish over other programs. My two weeks stay was as good as could ever imagine. The teachers were professional and the program was tailor to meet my own level of need”

    Hasan Samakaab
    Computer technician, Somali- American, 2015
  • My time was an unforgettable period of my life

    “I came here with very little experience and I’m leaving with a great foundation to continue my learning and speaking abilities. I will return hopefully with my family”

    Sirena Marindeleon
    Marine, USA, 2015
  • I enjoyed the friendly environment at P.S.

    I really enjoyed P.S it surpassed my expectations. Everyone was welcoming and friendly which really made me feel at home and made it easy to use my Spanish. The classes really helped my Spanish

    Ellie Hurtado
    Student, USA, 2015
  • All professors came prepared to teach

    All of my professors had university degrees and they came prepared to teach. Classes started on time and someone was always around afterward to help me with any questions that I had. My private lessons were an excellent opportunity to give me the confidence to actually start talking out loud”.

    Pete Kuettel
    Retired, CANADA 2015 & 2016
  • This school was really what I was looking for

    Hello!  I was in Costa Rica for three months in 2015, and during this stay I went to Personalized Spanish for four weeks.  A friend of mine that was a student at Personalized Spanish recommended it to me.  Thanks to my friend and Gaby (the school’s director) I was able to enter Personalized Spanish during my stay.

    First of all, even though I got lost trying to find the place and even though I arrived really late and without any advance notice, Gaby was patiently waiting for me.  Thank you so much!

    Previously I was going to another school, but it wasn’t working out very well.  I speak no English, only Japanese. That’s why I wanted to study Spanish in a setting with just a few students, in a more intimate environment.

    Personalized Spanish isn’t a big school.  Arriving there I felt as if I were visiting someone’s home, being part of a family environment, as well as being with those who work at the school and make it all feel like you’re at home.

    This school was really what I was looking for.  There were just a few people in class, and the use of English (to explain Spanish) was not really used, contrary to my experience with larger schools where English is used a great deal in classes as well as during free time among students.

    Here during your breaks you can chat with teachers in Spanish, and there is always tropical fruit available to enjoy. The three teachers with whom I had classes during my four weeks made us genuinely happy.  I learned a lot, so I really loved these teachers.

    Besides all this, my Costa Rican family homestay was terrific. They always took care and looked out for me with great affection; they spoke with me, and my Costa Rican mother made all-natural orange juice for me and the meals were super-delicious. Her recipes were just amazing.  I was happy to have been able to live with them.

    All the time I was in Tres Ríos (where the school is located), I had a really fantastic time.  I thank you all.

    Give everyone a hug for me.

    Forestry agent. JAPAN, 2015
  • Learning and Having fun

    This is the a school that is dedicated to teaching Spanish as well as the understanding of the Costa Rican culture. The involved staff make learning fun!

    Rita Vinatieri