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      Spanish as Culture, in Personalized Spanish we believe that a language is best learned when students are involved in the local culture and able to communicate and have contact in real life situations since they first arrive in the country.

      Pete Kuettel
      “All of my professors had university degrees and they came prepared to teach. Classes started on time and someone was always around afterward to help me with any questions that I had. My private lessons were an excellent opportunity to give me the confidence to actually start talking out loud”

    • Cultural Activities


      We TICOS (Costa Ricans) enjoy meeting people from other cultures and sharing our own culture with them. Personalized Spanish offers you the opportunity to feel the culture first hand by gathering with us in the afternoon for a cafecito (coffee break) and talking about the day, dancing Latin American music at parties and learning the fun steps of the singular Swing Criollo (Costa Rican mixture of cumbia and swing), having fun with our linguistic variations and idiomatic expressions, preparing meals for holidays and special occasions at a Mama tica’s house.

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      Our Typical Day

      Our typical day begins with morning coffee and discussion of Costa Rican expressions, current weather and news. Students go to class, and, after a couple of hours, everybody gets together and socializes in the main patio over tropical fruit drinks and snacks. We also discuss field trips to various sites in San José and around the country.

      We go back to classes for two or three more hours and then have lunch together.

      Afternoons are used to visit nearby historical and cultural places of interest guided by of our school teachers. For those of you staying with a local family, your home stay family will be waiting for you with a nice cup of coffee, a delicious dinner and conversation. Otherwise, you may return to your hotel or accommodation.

      We can also arrange all of your weekend trips to enjoy the rest of the country:  historic sites, national parks, volcanoes and beaches at no extra cost.

      Stay with us at least a week to get you started, or stay for a longer period in order to get deeper into our cultural experience!

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      What you can expect ?

      A PERSONALIZED PROGRAM: Since our school is intimate, we have the opportunity to get to know each one of our students and to provide them with the tailored attention that each student deserves.

      REAL SMALL CLASSES: Our students will be in classes with a maximum of three students per class, with most classes averaging only two students.

      EXCELLENT RESULTS: We assess each student’s needs and interests in order to work diligently to improve Spanish skills from day one with us. Learning style and individual needs are honored through a well-rounded program that includes materials, cultural activities, presentations and field trips.

      COSTA RICAN CULTURAL IMMERSION: With the support or our 100% Costa Rican owned and staffed school, local Costa Rican homestay families provide students with authentic contemporary culture and the experience of family life first-hand.

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    • Personalized Spanish online

      Personalized Spanish online

      The only school that offers After Immersion Program Support, and it is FREE!

      Our personalized touch: In order to help our former students in the process of learning Spanish and a good excuse to keep in touch with them, we offer free one hour of Spanish online after completing the immersion program.

      Write us: info@spanishonlinecr.com
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